Medical Offices

Commercial Satellite TV for Medical Offices

We understand that the building management team and your diverse tenants from the medical community all have varying TV and technological needs. The Satellite Center customizes its products, installation, equipment and services to meet all those needs.

Our services address everything from individual waiting rooms with TVs to entertain patients, to public areas that can offer your management advertising revenue from Digital Signage. Digital Signage can also be used in public areas to direct visitors to the right offices, provide important announcements to your tenants and visitors, or even entice or inform about medical procedures by broadcasting instructional or sales videos. The Satellite Center can even provide your tenants with satellite uplink and downlink services for teleconferencing.

More on Digital Signs

Don't forget about your public areas.  The Satellite Center is also your complete source for digital signs, ideal for any facility.  Use digital sigange as Wayfinders, Lobby Signs, Scheduling Sources, and Smart Billboards.  The Satellite Center can even incorporate your Digital Signage with Satellite TV Viewing and In-House Community Channels.  Any secure, online computer can easily manage all the content and all the devices, as this chart shows.

See all the related services we offer, including CCTV & Surveillance Systems. Or contact us today to receive your free customized quote for your facility, and start saving today!

Why use the Satellite Center for your Medical Offices?

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The Satellite Center can work with any budget. We offer options for you to buy or lease your equipment to keep start up costs low, custom programming packages, as well as 100% customer satisfaction. Find our more today by contacting us or requesting a free custom quote.

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