Faith Based Satellite Broadcasting

Faith Based Satellite Broadcasting

Faith Based Broadcasting

Imagine your pastor preaching at 23 services in five church locations across three states.  His schedule doesn't have to be as busy as that may sound. Your pastor may actually be delivering only one or a few of the messages in person. Technology takes care of the rest-- using only a small dish and offering High Definition video (ask about 4k UHD) and crystal clear audio to an audience of millions, immediately!

Welcome to the electronic church, live or On Demand via satellite and/or internet.

In the reality TV age, perhaps it's no surprise that fast-growth churches increasingly use cameras to put their pastors in two places -or three or four or more - at the same time.

Some do it to solve crowding issues or reach a wider geographical area,while others see it as a way to offer more worship styles under one roof.  Some consider this technology an important step toward becoming a mega-church, others see it as an important step in spreading their word to worshipers who may otherwise not be able to attend a church service.

The Satellite Center can help make this vision a reality for your church.   Pastors, Deacons, or Technology Engineers are invited to find out more today by contacting us for a Free Broadcast Plan.

A Case Study from The Satellite Center:

Two mid-western pastors came to us in 2013 with the challenge of providing live TV worship services to 7 remote churches at the same time.  Previously those pastors were either driving great distances or their technicians were delivering DVDs of the live service, about 3-5 hours after the event for delayed playback.

Our design allowed the service to be broadcast live via satellite to all campuses.  Moreover, The Satellite Center now has a relationship with a established and reliable network of satellites available for rent.  This would allow remote churches to tune into the broadcast using very small dishes and inexpensive receiver equipment.

The Satellite Center (TSC) is providing live feed satellite uplink services enabling this church to broadcast its services every Saturday evening and twice on Sundays.   Their church’s services and programming are now being seen by more than 5,000 enthusiastic viewers weekly, primarily located in smaller Midwestern towns.  

They recently installed five DH Commercial Broadcast Satellite dishes in 5 towns and cities across the Midwest.  "Viewer numbers are growing at a rapid pace with the expanded new broadcasts", according to Director of Operations & Special Markets for SatCen, John Wegener.  "The ability to use satellite technology to beam sermons into thousands of households marks a significant achievement in the church’s outreach."

Church Control Room

"Satellite Center and their team have provided our Cathedral audio-video support for over a decade.  The equipment and installations they have performed went as planned and stayed within budget.  I would recommend The Satellite Center to any faith based organization."

Berry Mang, Director Facilities, Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Covington Kentucky

Find our more today by contacting us or requesting a free custom quote.

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