CCTV and Surveillance

CCTV and Surveillance

The Satellite Center is a full service provider of wireless and wired video surveillance systems and Closed Circuit TV installations services, located in Florence, KY. We provide innovative technology solutions and quality services that are aimed at providing clients with a value-based competitive edge. We provide our clients with security solutions that result in a high return on investment, improved customer protection and service, increased employee productivity, and protection against loss and damage.

Here is one example of a common product and service line we offer:  While we're wiring your building for satellite services, we can also install front-door cameras.  We offer indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras and related home and office video security surveillance equipment.

The doorbell has just rung and you are not expecting any guests. How can you find out who's at the door without opening the door and exposing yourself to possible harm or the annoyance of a salesman? The Satellite Center has many ways of monitoring the entrances to your property from the comfort and safety found only inside your residence.

We offer surveillance solutions for apartment communities, educational facilities, hotels, and office buildings. Our CCTV Surveillance System Installation process consists of an extensive consultation to determine your CCTV needs, any structural constraints, and solutions, complete with an itemized cost estimate and options. 

closed circuit front door camera

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The Satellite Center can work with any budget. We offer options for you to buy or lease your equipment to keep start up costs low.  Find our more today by contacting us or requesting a free custom quote.

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