Satellite Media Tours

Satellite Media Tours

In one day we can broadcast YOU to dozens of local news shows, morning shows, and afternoon talk shows across the country!

The Satellite Center can help you reach millions of people via satellite transmission in one day!  Local TV affiliate stations of networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox all have live programming Morning Shows or Lunch-time Shows that need guests.

Producers are always on the lookout for bright, articulate spokespeople who can creatively discuss topics of interest to their viewers during one-on-one interviews. In this unique format, spokespersons can introduce new products or services, medical breakthroughs, travel destinations, or other messages to large TV viewing audiences.  These opportunities are ideal for publicists, publishers, inventors, authors, celebrities, non-profit messages, whatever your message of public interest may be.

We offer our media, advertising, and promotion clients full logistical and technical support for Satellite Media Tours. We offer full B2B and business-to-promoter services in Broadcast PR, Junkets, Press Tours, Book Tours, Corporate Communications, and Crises Communications.

What is a Satellite Media Tour (SMT) ?

Half of the American public (approximately 130 million people) look to television for all of their news. Fewer people are reading newspapers or news magazines. Consumers are not reached through print, but through images, multimedia, video footage and broadcast interviews. To reach this massive audience, many companies participate in Satellite Media Tours (SMT's) to deliver their messages in a timely, credible and cost-effective way.

SMTs are used for many purposes including to:

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SMTs Are Effective and Efficient

Traditional traveling media tours are costly and time consuming. SMTs target stations and affiliates in your key markets, and unlike video news releases, station bookings, like the local morning talk show in Anywhere, USA, let you know your market results in advance. Instead of having your spokesperson spend days or weeks on the road meeting with target media face-to-face, all interviews can occur on one day from one studio locale. Your talent can come to us and use our state-of-the art production and Satellite Uplink Services in Northern Kentucky, or we can bring our truck and equipment to you.

SMT Service Locations include:

The Cincinnati Tri-State Area

Including the metro areas of:

How Does It Work?

Television and cable stations are informed about the SMT topic and spokesperson days before the SMT. Then the stations reserve time to conduct an interview with the spokesperson via satellite. During the SMT, your spokesperson talks directly to television stations across the country about your products and services, and sometimes even gives demonstrations. That interview may be live (from any location) or also taped for repeated airings (news segments, local talk shows, and the like). Satellite Media Tours are growing in popularity as a cost-effective means for delivering live interviews to affiliates across the country. The Satellite Center offers the flexibility of production and uplink capabilities in the same satellite uplink truck, improving coordination and lowering costs.

How Do We Monitor Success?

The short answer is "instantly" and in real time! Much like a Video News Release (VNR), and often coupled with a VNR project, a SMT's monitoring and success is much more measurable. We use a SIGMA code embedded into the video, live as it is broadcasted to the satellite. Monitoring technology picks up this signal and reports are generated for weeks after the broadcast, showing who used the interview, how much of it, and when it was used. These reports are crucial to determining the success of a Satellite Media Tour.

The Satellite Center Handles Every Aspect

We offer our clients a turn-key solution with Satellite Media Tours. Our unique relationship with venues throughout the US and their professional unions makes it a breeze to broadcast from these potentially difficult locations. We have the experience necessary to provide you with any aspect of your SMT. From scriptwriting and scheduling to production, broadcast, and monitoring, The Satellite Center Inc. is your "one-stop shop" for all your SMT needs. We serve as your complete video news release or satellite media tour producer.  Contact us for details or call Toll Free 1-888-923-6837.

SMT Client Testimonial (see photos):

Dear John and the Team from The Satellite Center,

It's been more than a week since our media tour, and I realized this morning how negligent I've been in saying thank you for the amazing work you did on behalf of National School Choice Week (and me!)

I must say, it's rare to find a team of people who are so efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and downright effective as you guys. There wasn't a moment of drama or dissatisfaction during our entire media tour — from the planning and arrangements with the stations to the in-studio and satellite coordination aspects.

You'd think that in a tough economy, more professional vendors would try to be as client-oriented as you guys. I just haven't found anyone yet, in any other aspect of the work that I do, who just gets things done as effectively as all of you. Needless to say, you have exceeded my expectations and the result was coverage for our issue across the country.

I am pretty confident we will all work together again, and I know that I'll be recommending all of you to everyone I know who wants to do an SMT.

Thank you guys, again. I am so grateful, and please know that your hard work helped reach millions of people and educate them about how THEY can help get a better education for their children. There's no price you can put on that.

Andrew C.
Vice President of Public Affairs
National School Choice Week

Download a Flyer About Satellite Media Tours and Video News Releases:

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