Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Break Through the Ad Clutter • Upsell Any Product or Service • Generate Revenue • Reduce HR Expenses • Build Brand

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage are electronic displays that are installed in public spaces. The Satellite Center offers your business everything you need to implement Digital Signage—from monitors and screens, to networking, to software and input devices. Digital signage delivers targeted messages to specific locations throughout your facility at specific times. Digital signs gets noticed, and so they offers superior return on investment compared to traditional printed signs.

Hardware Solutions

The Satellite Center introduces our newest offering in Digital Signage Media Players-- the TSC-DV4VM. This powerful marketing and communications tool lets you schedule and display high Impact video, images and presentations over local and remote television screens.

TSC-DV4VM DeviceThis player is perfect for Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Senior Care Facilities, Condos, Apartment Complexes, Government & Corporate Office Buildings, Cable Companies, Community Service Channels, and more.

Display messages directly on your television screens or Integrate the device directly into your cable headend, satellite system, or CCTV system. Simply add your media and create a playlist!

Read More about the TSC-DV4VM.

Watch Examples of Digital Signage

The DIRECTV Message Board is a revolutionary digital signage product that lets you overlay your messaging onto live TV!  It’s perfect for: medical offices, retail stores, auto shops, salons, banks, private offices, employee lounges or any business with a waiting room! Read More about the DTV Message Board! 

In this example, The Satellite Center installed a custom digital sign at Izzy's Deli in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.  Menu items are featured as customers approach the counter to order, offering the ultimate in impact and influence with point-of-sale marketing.

Rapidly-dropping prices for large plasma and LCD screens and wide availability of Internet connectivity are making digital signage more popular than ever, and displays can now be found in such diverse locations as retail outlets, airports, bus and train stations, doctor’s offices, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, apartments, and even gas stations.

How Can My Business Benefit from Digital Signage?

Digital signage is used for many different purposes:

Information – examples include flight information in airports or cell phone lots, wait-times for the next train, office signage, and directions.  Information for staff can help reduce HR expenses, as detailed in this article for the healthcare industry.

Break through all the ad clutter and increase sales – examples include in-store promotions in a retail establishment that are designed to upsell any production or service.  For example, "Do you want fries with that?"

Advertising by third parties – digital advertising companies that sell advertising space to local merchants/service providers, media resellers and national advertisers; these generate revenue for your business.

Enhanced customer experience – examples include digital signage in restaurant waiting areas to reduce perceived wait-time and recipe demonstrations in food stores

Influencing customer behavior – examples include post office digital signage that directs patrons waiting in line to automated stamp machines and retail digital signage designed to direct customers to different areas of the store, increasing the time spent on the store premises; increase dwell time

Brand building – examples include Niketown stores where digital signage in video form is used as a part of the store décor to build a story around the brand

Environment enhancing – such as using digital signage to increase the customer experience with the building itself, examples of this are where digital signage panels are used and react to how and when an individual moves around them. You can even create a "Video Wall!"

Receptionist or Hotel Desk Clerk– Here is how Digital Signage is used as LCD office signage in the corporate, hotel or healthcare environment as a Lobby in a Box... 

Lobby in a boxDigital signage is ideal in the corporate environment, especially in public lobbies.  Use it for disseminating information throughout a company via screens in reception areas, waiting rooms, and cafeterias. Use them as Way-Finders, Lobby Signs, and Smart Billboards,.  "The Satellite Center can even incorporate your Digital Signage with Satellite TV Viewing and In-House Community Channels.

If your business is near an airport, guests can even check on their flights or print their boarding passes.

Hospitals and doctors' offices have their own unique communications challenges. Strategically place digital signage can help them overcome the tedious check-in process and other patient troubles, such as navigating the building and sitting in a waiting room.  You can even use the signage to educate your guests or promote awareness of your services, procedures or various product lines.  Our installers are fully certified to meet firestopping systems and infection control regulations in all healthcare environments.

Often, a main challenge is the complexity of installation and configuration of a digital signage system that includes hardware (shown above), screen, and cabling. The Satellite Center handles all that for you, and our digital signage systems can be used on one or several displays.  They can be programmed from anywhere, even over the internet.  The system can be interactive and can be as informative as a receptionist or a concierge.   It is easy to use and supports industry-standard, third party digital content-creation tools and signage software, providing a turnkey solution for scheduled content playout. You can connect the system to an existing PC and it runs on preloaded custom signage software.  See a sample installation.

Air Travel Information – Ideal for airports and hotels that host air travelers.  This can be outdoor signage or indoor.  The Satellite Center can provide digital signage displays to keep your travelers, visitors and staff well-informed and able to proactively plan around flight delays, cancellations, and poor weather conditions. Our displays combine real-time information with attractive, high-resolution images to provide valuable information that is easily understood. 

Enhance your customers' travel experience and score higher customer satisfaction points by providing information where and when they need it.  We install displays in airport terminals, gate waiting areas, shopping areas, food courts, meet and greet areas, airport parking structures, conference centers, hotel lobbies and any other locations with significant traveler traffic. We can even install a "Video Wall" in your facility.

The Satellite Center can install and configure your digital signage with different flight status, weather, or advertisements and information to suit your audience's needs. 

Airport Signage

Contact us to review the different content modules—Air Traffic Live, Weather Live, Airport Delays, Live Event Coverage, Financial Market Reports, Flight Tracker, or your own self-produced content.  We can help you better understand the best hardware and software solutions for you.

Benefits and Features:

  • Provide excellent customer service by giving travelers, visitors and staff valuable, timely information.
  • Deliver visually entertaining information that is easily understood with one quick glance.
  • Reduce the number of customer service personnel required to answer customer questions.
  • Provide new eye-catching real estate for advertising and generating revenue!
  • Multiple modules with different content - Air Traffic Live, Weather Live, Airport Delays,  Custom Bloomberg Channel, Financial Market Indexes-- even create a "Video Wall"
  • Simple, self-explanatory user interface, IP interface, and content scheduler
  • Configurable visual presentation including the map region, city and/or airport labels, logos, and content rotation.
  • You can even embed ads along the border for local and national advertising.
  • Stay Green-  Our latest hardware solutions consume only 2 watts, offering ultra-low energy consumption. 

Applications of Use:

  • Retail- directory, catalog and product information, registry, targeted promotions
  • Hospitality- Property information, loyalty programs, event and service listings, check-in, gaming, reservations
  • General- HR services, employee communications and training, scheduling
  • Healthcare- directory, appointments, pharmacy, service provider information
  • Financial- product information, account services
  • Travel- local attractions, local services, area maps, local advertising and promotions
  • Government- building and services directory, community information
  • Education- way finding, student services, library


See How Easy it is to Design Your Own Digital Signage

Any Media To Digital Signage

Our devices accept most any type of content, in any format.  The software lets you use that content to easily create your signage.  The hardware and multiple signs' displays can be easily controlled by any computer via the internet.

See a sample installation of digital signage that The Satellite Center recently completed.

The Satellite Center is now pleased to offer a complete Digital Signage Media Player

To learn more about our digital signage product lines, contact us or call Toll Free 1-888-923-6837.

You'll never be stuck with outdated equipment!  The Satellite Center offers you Buy or Lease Options.  Lease or rent LCD screens.  If you lease, you do so directly with us, not a third-party finance company.  

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