Satellite Television

Satellite Television

DirecTV •  Free-to-Guest • Healthcare-Certified Installation • Ideal for Hospitals • Nursing Homes • Camp Ground Ammenities for RVs

Quality TV Programming As Low As $4 per door!

Some people call it "Commercial Satellite TV", others call it "Bulk," "Wholesale TV," or "Business TV". Regardless of what you call it, it's Satellite TV, it's what we do, and it's likely the best solution for you! Contact us for your best solution!

If you are a business that needs 20 or more satellite TV installations at your facility, then you owe it to your guests, residents, patients, customers, or passengers to work with us to analyze the best solutions. Our consulting and quotes are free, and The Satellite Center can save you money through our competitive bulk, volume, wholesale pricing. The best solution for you may involve service and programming that your TV Viewers individually select, or you may prefer bulk programming provided to the TV Viewers by you-- a wide variety of local channels and national networks for as low as $4 per door or 50% Less Than Cable!

Many of our customers find that they save enough money to provide Free-to-Guest or Free-to-Patient Cable TV.  The ROI is impressive, so see how much you can save!


Go With Satellite and Stay Competitive!

Do-It-Right-the-First-Time Service & Maintenance

We are ready when you need us. When you need satellite service, our 2400 sq. ft. storage facility and service shop has the equipment and parts to get you back up and running quickly. Our warranty on modulators, the key component in a bulk TV system, is 5 years! Our service trucks are all radio and cell-phone equipped so we can get a service truck to your facility in the fastest time possible. You need a job done right -- with no excuses. Our technicians install, maintain and test your system to your complete satisfaction. 

In-House Skilled Technicians

Our installation and service staff are employees of The Satellite Center, not contractors that come and go. Each is a fully trained satellite technician who takes pride in doing your job right the first time. Healthcare facilities, ask about our Firestop Systems and Infection Control Installation procedures and certifications.

Why are we so confident?

With over 500 large commercial satellite TV installations, ranging from hospitals and airports to sports bars and orthodontist offices, we've built a wealth of knowledge and experience about satellite cable TV.  Our services keep healthcare facilities competative, guests happy, and we even increase occupancy rates and yields at campgrounds and RV Parks. 

Related Technologies and Services

The Satellite Center can also work within your budget to meet all your related needs, including:

In-House Channels and Community Channels that you can program for your residents or guests. You can broadcast activity schedules, announcements, news, or any dynamic information throughout your facility. You have your own in-house TV Station that you control.

Digital Signs can be strategically placed and programmed throughout your facility. Integrate TV and Digital Signage for everything from helping your guests with directions around your facility, keeping them informed, and even as an advertising revenue source for your business.

Satellite Uplink and Satellite Downlink Services, for meetings and conferences. We also meet all your related Audio/Video needs for such events.

Closed Circuit (CCTV) Surveillance Systems to help improve the safety and security of your facility.

TV Repair and Sales for the Healthcare Industry, we can fix or replace your healthcare grade TVs.

You'll never be stuck with outdated equipment!  The Satellite Center offers you Buy or Lease Options.  If you lease, you do so directly with us, not a third-party finance company.  Contact us for your best solution!

Let our experts bring satellite television to your business. Whether you choose to buy or lease, all installations include:

  1. Site Survey (at time of installation)
  2. Assembly of dishes and mount(s)
  3. Grounding of system components
  4. System peaking for optimum performance
  5. Installation of up to 120' RG-6 cable
  6. Routing of cable through one wall penetration
  7. Testing of equipment for proper operation
  8. Orientation to DISH Network or DirecTV programming and equipment

To learn more about our related services, click the links on the left, or Contact Us for details!

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