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President/General Manager

Ms. Racke Wegener has been the General Manager for The Satellite Center since 1980. She previously provided administrative support for North American Properties in Cincinnati, Ohio, a position held for 12 years.  There she worked with the president of the corporation and honed her technology management, accounting, and contract management skills, sufficient to inspire her own private sector interests. Ms. Racke Wegener’s entrepreneurial drive and variety of administrative and managerial experience eventually inspired her toward business ownership.

Since incorporating the Satellite Center in 1984, she worked alongside the Director of Operations and Special Markets toward a number of remarkable milestones:

In the 1980’s the Satellite Center had a small, select residential client base of less than 15.  Business and technological demands moved the company away from residential clientele and toward a specialization in Commercial clientele operations, a transition that commenced in the late 1980s.  

The company added the specialization and technological advancements of full-service cable/wiring installations for their customer base.  In the years that followed, The Satellite Center’s client base, now predominantly commercial in nature, increased thousand-fold.

The business moved into their current corporate headquarters in 1994, growing from a 400 sq. ft workspace to a 4,000 sq ft operational facility, proudly located in Northern Kentucky.  All her efforts and achievements coincided with raising two wonderful children who were often at the office and who she recognizes as inspiration for much of her business success.
Today Ms. Racke Wegener is actively helping to guide the vision of The Satellite Center to match technological advancements and needs, including internet connectivity for the company’s clients.

She and her staff are in charge of the accounting and day-to-day operations of the business.

Director of Operations & Special Markets

Mr. Wegener oversees the entire organization. He is also responsible for the technical operations. His formal educational background is as follows: In 1974, Mr. Wegener was hired as an engineering technician at the University of Cincinnati. There he was responsible for an "in-house" cable system for the Medical College of U.C. In 1978, he transferred to the Electrical Engineering Department where he assumed the responsibility for instructing students on the proper operation of many types of electronic instrumentation.

In 1980, while at the University, he conceived the idea of a satellite firm serving the needs of customers for fair and reasonable priced sales and service and soon opened a retail store. The company was incorporated in 1984.

After requests for his services became too demanding to continue two jobs, he left the University of Cincinnati to pursue his career in satellite T.V.

Mr. Wegener holds many certificates relating to the satellite industry including a General Class FCC license, Amateur Radio License, and certificates of achievement from various manufacturers. He is also the local Authorized Interference Technician for Microwave Filter Company in New York.


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