Project Stories

Project Stories and Testimonials

RV Park Commends The Satellite Center

RV Park Commends The Satellite Center

Servicing the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

The Satellite Center services the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

Satellite Center Offered Better Picture and Solutions.

The Satellite Center provided a turn-key solution for Emanuel Medical Center’s TV network. The Hospital’s TV infrastructure was aging, causing extremely poor picture quality and limited control of our channel lineup with our past TV provider.

Client Testimonial for Satellite Media Tour

I must say, it's rare to find a team of people who are so efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and downright effective as you guys!

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Thanks Staff

Moving and Storing A Satellite Dish is A Specialized Task.

Unexpected Help on a Drizzly Morning

Satellite Center Technician Helps Senior Resident

Outpatient Services Dept Praises Work

When I Get to Work With People as Nice as You

Senior Residents Thank The Satellite Center

The Satellite Center Offers Instructional Talk to Senior Home Officials

Your Technician Makes My Job Easier!

Hospital Maintenance Staff Thanks The Satellite Center.

Your Technician Fixed All Our Reception Problems

Satellite Center Technician was Professional, Polite, and Courteous.

Your Installer Understood My Special Needs

Satellite Center Technician Helped Stroke Victim.

Digital Signage and Video Installed at Bank Training Center.

June 2009 marks the completion of a large video and signage project for PNC Louisville.

Nursing Home "Slammed by Cable TV Rates!"

Nursing Homes already have enough overhead to worry about.

Radio Station Satellite Damaged!

The Satellite Center comes to the rescue.

Got It Right the First Time!

Hospital Administrator Sends Thanks!

Done Right the First Time

Hospital Administrator Sends Thanks for a Worry-Free Installation!

You Fixed It!

University of Cincinnati Put Their Faith in The Satellite Center

We Loved the In-House Trained Staff

Health Care Media Technologies Praises The Satellite Center Staff!

No Extra Work for the Office!

No Extra Workload For Your Office Staff - We Bill Residents Directly.

Affordable Rates - Even for Low Income Housing Residents

Senior Public Housing High Rise with 155 units applauds affordibility.

Solid Reliable Satellite TV Reception

Retirement Center & Hospital with 95 units hails The Satellite Center

Project Stories

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