New Technology Installed at 250-Bed New Hospital

A leader in the healthcare TV industry, The Satellite Center is providing and servicing the television programming and related advanced technologies for the new Mercy Health – West Hospital just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Satellite Center is providing a 100% digital and HD entertainment channel selection for the 250-bed health facility. The system includes 65 channels of programming and an entertainment and education system for patients, visitors and employees.  Installers are deploying a new ZeeVee modulation technology which is the cutting edge encoder and modulator recently approved by Directv for the healthcare industry.  ZeeVee technology allows approved HD signal modulation in a commercial healthcare environment.

Mercy West Hospital


DIRECTV can now deliver content in up to 720p resolution, over standard coax to display devices, without the need for receivers in the rooms. 

The addition of the DIRECTV Receiver-Less HD solution to the DIRECTV product portfolio, complements the DRE and COM1000 solutions and provides Dealers with another option to serve customers. 

This solution is authorized for the Institution segment, which includes and is limited to:

Receiver-Less HD leverages ZeeVee HDb2540 Encoders/Modulators with embedded watermarking software. To ensure this feature is working properly all Receiver-Less HD installations must:

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