Industrial DVD Player- The ultimate solution for the Healthcare Industry

The Satellite Center now offers the premier Industrial DVD player for any commercial application, and especially ideal for Hospitals and the Healthcare Industry.  

The TSC-C-DVD was designed and built from scratch. This is a commercial DVD player that you never worry about or have to adjust--  It's Bullet Proof! It's Maintenance Proof! 

Industrial DVD Player
With over 2 years of development the TSC-C-DVD has every feature needed for simple and reliable operation. As you can see in the picture above, you are given 2 options, “open/close” and “power”. When you want to change discs, simply eject, load a new one and close the door. That's it! The movie will auto play and auto repeat.

The unit hooks up the same as most standard video players. This player was designed to be as compact as possible, the size specs are 7 3/8" Wide x 9" Deep x 2" Tall.  This lets our customers upgrade without having to rewire or rebuild their shelving rack.

The DVD player is a combination of three main sections. It contains an MPEG and control board, each of which is expected to have a 10 year life span. The wearable parts like the laser, drive motor and loading motor are all contained in a simple to exchange IDE drive. We estimate this drive will last between 2 to 3 years and can be replaced for a small price. All retail DVD players are made to play 2 to 3 movies a week. When movies are played 16-24 hours a day the first part to fail is the drive motor. Retail DVD players use a “brush motor”, this is basically a motor that has two main parts that “brush” against each other which causes the motor to wear out. The TSC-C-DVD  uses a brushless, magnetic motor. 

This DVD player is truly the ultimate, worry-free solution for commercial use.  It is ideal for hospitals, digital signs, public area and lobby displays,

The unit comes with an 18 month warranty. 

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