Connecting Hospices to the National Teleconference

Living With Grief® Diversity and End-of-Life Care

The Satellite Center can provide full technical support and equipment for sites that want to participate in the Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Teleconference. Annually, the Hospice Foundation of America produces the National Living With Grief Teleconference®.  The teleconference is a live-via-satellite televised broadcast which is simultaneously "downlinked" to satellite dishes all over the country. This allows an unlimited number of organizations and communities to participate and host the event locally.

For more information or a quote, please contact us or call toll free 1-888-923-6837 or 859-282-2000.

Please Note: The Satellite Center has no affiliation with the Hospice Foundation of America or the National Living With Grief Teleconference or its agents.  We are promoting our ability to service organizations with the technical support necessary to participate in the conference.  Any organization that wants to participate must adhere to their registration and other guidelines.









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