Digital Signage technology advances in 2010!

I just attended the 2009 Digital Signage convention in Las Vegas.  2010 offers some incredible advances!  One item that really impressed me is the Hyper Media Player from a company called SpinetiX.  It impressed me so much that I brought one home and I've been using it for awhile now.  It's a complete turn-key solution for Digital Signage.  It's green (low power), easy to use, hardware (shown stacked below) and software is all included, and overall it's very slick!  It meets, even exceeds, small and large digital signage needs for any size company.

Digital Signage Hardware

Some things it can be used to disseminate advertising, directions and guide information for guests, promote products and services, provide timely information (the stock market, weather, travel conditions) and more!  I see thousands of applications in such places as:

Healthcare Industry, Doctors Offices, Hospitals, Clinics and the like
Office Buildings
Waiting Rooms
Universities, Schools, Dorms
Motels, Hotels, etc

Read more about it here. The Satellite Center can get your business up and running with the latest in digital signage technology.  Contact us for more information.

                                    --John Wegener
                                    Director of Operations & Special Markets









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