A Lobby in a Box?

A Digital Receptionist?  Here is how Digital Signage is used in the corporate environment as a Lobby in a Box... 

Lobby in a Box Digital ReceptionistDigital signage is ideal in the corporate environment.  Use it for disseminating information throughout a company via screens in reception areas, waiting rooms, and cafeterias. The Satellite Center can even incorporate your Digital Signage with Satellite TV Viewing and In-House Community Channels.

Often, a main challenge is the complexity of installation and configuration of a digital signage system that includes a player, screen, and cabling. The Satellite Center handles all that for you, and this particular lobby system provides a digital signage solution in a single monitor.  The system can be interactive and can be as informative as a receptionist.  It's truly a Lobby in a Box.  It is easy to use and supports industry-standard, third party digital content-creation tools, providing a turnkey solution for scheduled content playout. You can connect the system to an existing PC and it runs on preloaded custom software. 

To learn more about this All-In-One Lobby Solution, or similar products, contact us or call Toll Free 1-888-923-6837.

You'll never be stuck with outdated equipment!  The Satellite Center offers you Buy or Lease Options.  If you lease, you do so directly with us, not a third-party finance company.  

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