New Healthcare TV Products

Among Our Newest Products at The Satellite Center….

The BedMate™ and the RoomMate™ by HCI

Bed MateHCI has developed a sleek, revolutionary TV support arm that keeps re-cabling costs at bay while providing higher patient safety and has added a stainless-steel halo to their 12" TV for protection.

Patients are rough on TV support arms. You can help keep repair or replacement costs low by including the HCI OutReach in your interior standards program.

The HCI OutReach

HCI's support arm has no pinch points, no exposed joints, and has cables that are completely contained (holds up to six cables), to eliminate fraying and save on re-cabling costs. It was designed so it’s nearly impossible for dirt or bacteria to penetrate the seams.

To learn more about these items, call John Wegener at The Satellite Center: Toll Free 1-888-923-6837 or Contact Us.









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