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Satellite Center offers Pro Video Instruments

The Satellite Center is now an official reseller of PVI, Pro Video Instruments.

Wyndham Properties Now Exclusive to DirecTV

Days Inn, Super 8 & Wyndham Properties,have committed to DirecTV.

Businesses Move to IPTV and Cut Cords

Colleges and Universities move to IPTV. Hospitals and Lodging Institutions are following.

Now Servicing the Carriage Club with Directv

The Satellite Center is now pleased to service the Carriage Club of Charlotte, NC with Directv packages.

Account Executive Wanted

Commercial Satellite Account Executive wanted.

2019 - Satellite TV Goes on Sale!

2019 Brings Great Deals on satellite TV for 20 or more Rooms!

Technician Wanted

Cable TV and Satellite Technician Wanted

Hospital TVs- Price Reduction

LG Drops prices on Hospital Grade TVs.

IPTV- The New Way to Provide TV Programming

IPTV is the big buzz word in Television. Are you using it?

Restaurants Increase Sales with Sonic Tap

Study shows how music increases sales at dining establishments.

Cable Companies Are Requiring Set-Top Boxes

Did you know that the great transition from analog to digital TV isn’t over yet? Cable Companies are doing their own transition in 2012.

We Sell and Repair Hospital TVs

Let the Satellite Center Repair your TVs.

Great Article for Healthcare Organizations

Since so many Satellite Center clients come from the healthcare industry, I wanted to share this valuable aticle.

Participate in IHI's 22nd Annual National Forum

IHI offers satellite as a convenient way to participate in the National Forum without the need for air travel.

Keep all your Public Television Stations for FREE!

Cable companies are cutting public television stations from their line-ups.

Firestop Systems and Infection Control Systems

Safety, Infection Control, Firestop Systems, and Confidence with The Satellite Center.

NFL Sunday Ticket Brings Fans to Your Business

The 2014-2015 NFL Sunday Ticket Package Offers Everything Your Customers Want!

Connecting Hospices to the National Teleconference

The Satellite Center can provide full technical support and equipment for sites that want to host the April 29 Teleconference.

Often Misspelled

Google searches for commercial satellite TV have so many misspellings, I thought some were actually humorous. Here are some:

We DO NOT Telemarket

Have you been telemarketed by a company calling itself Satellite Center? That is not us!

What happened to analog TV in 2009?

In 2009, America went digital.

Going Green!

These days it's both smart and trendy to "Go Green", but we've always been green!

Nationwide Service Sites Increase!

The Satellite Center has installation and service sites throughout the country!

Integrated Systems Make a Difference!

Mercy Hospital System Finds Problem-Solvers at The Satellite Center

Buy or Lease - Directly Through Us

We know you want options. That's why we offer you the choice of leasing or buying your satellite TV system. We can help you decide which makes more sense for your situation.

Satellite TV as low as $4 per room!

Commerical Satellite, sometimes called "bulk" or "business" satellite can bring the cost of TV down to $4 per door.

Bars and Restaurants Now Have More Channel Options!

Satellite TV solutions for Bars and Restaurants have never been more attractive.

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