DirectTV Message Board turns TV into powerful marketing tools.

Let The Satellite Center show you this revolutionary digital signage product that lets you overlay your messaging onto live TV!  It’s perfect for: medical offices, retail stores, auto shops, salons, banks, private offices, employee lounges or any business with a waiting room!

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With an easy-to-use Web-based tool, your businesses can create impactful messages in just minutes from anywhere, at anytime to be displayed in one or more locations. Expensive media players, special software, additional licenses or extra hardware are not needed. 

Improve your bottom line
Create compelling messages that your customers and employees can't ignore.

Update your messages anytime.
Our web-based system allows you to make updates across one or more locations.

Display your company's logo and colors.
You can upload your own design or use one of the eye-catching templates.

No IT support required.
No IT support or licensing fees required.

How it Works

The Satellite Center also offers bulk TV, TV for seniors, and commercial satellite for 20 or more rooms as low a $2 per door! 

Call us today for more information or a quick and easy demonstration, or ask about our other full-featured digital signage solutions

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